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Charter Boat Volante

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Scatteng Ashes At Sea


Saying the final farewell can be one of the hardest moments in anyone’s life.Many of us want our ashes scattered at sea, and where nicer than in the beautiful warm waters of the Mediterranean, and rest in peace with the Dolphins and other magical creatures of the sea.

With our private boat charter, catering for up to 12 guests, you will be able to say your final goodbye, read a prayer, a poem, or say the words that mean that special something. We can play your loved ones favorite music through our on board system, by providing us with a CD or memory stick.

You and your family will be given the time to remember your loved one and we will only leave when you are ready. At this stage a fresh cup of tea or coffee will be available, and maybe something slightly stronger.We are available all year round and at any time booked in advance.The normal trip will take approximately 1 hour, depending on the area you would like to go to. The cost of the service for the boat, qualified skipper and up to 10 guests is only 250 Euros including hot and cold drinks. The trip can be extended at the cost of 100 Euros per hour, after the first hour.The boat is a fully insured, registered charter boat with a qualified skipper and all local licenses are current. There is a toilet on board.If for any reason you can not carry out the scattering of the ashes in person, we will happily carry out your wishes on your behalf. Please contact us to make arrangements.


May we take this opportunity to wish you our deepest condolences.